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About Aria and Nick

Skycalc is a tightly-knit community where people create and role-play builds for their characters in Skyrim

We are currently working on launching an entirely new website. This site will replace SkyrimCalculator eventually and will be at least 250% faster and sleeker than the current one, as well as host a plethora of exciting new features.

Because SkyrimCalculator is a hobby project and we are not affiliated with Bethesda in any way, we don’t have a big marketing budget to promote the new SkyrimCalculator. This is why we need your help to get the word out, and to grow this community to make it even better! This way, we can focus on developing and expanding the site with new features and building the next Elder Scrolls website! Since server costs are completely out of pocket, we would be so grateful if you guys could donate, even a little bit, so that we can keep expanding the site with exciting new features! In return, we will give you a Patreon-exclusive shiny badge, along with some other goodies as a token of our appreciation.
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We want to grow our community at SkyrimCalculator and put time into making a fast, slick, and fun character build website/forum for the next Elder Scrolls game that's coming soon! Your support means that we can spend more time on developing the next website, and it would help us cover our server costs!

Thank you for your support!
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