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Yo, supporters! Every lil bit helps! Thanks for your donation. You are appreciated. :)
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What's good, badasses? :) Thanks for backing your girl. Let's go make this world vegan! Much love! <3
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What's up Vegan Family!? Welcome to my Patreon Page! :)

It took me 27 years to realize my life’s purpose, but now I know I’m here to help create a vegan world! A peaceful, conscious, and compassionate world where we treat all animals with respect and where we take care of the earth.

I went fully vegan at 26, became an activist at 27, became an Organizer for Anonymous for the Voiceless, got involved with The Save Movement, and now I'm ready to take my activism to the next level and make my dream of becoming a full time activist a reality! With your support I can make this dream come true and bring the vegan message to as many people as possible across the world! This is my passion, my purpose, and my life's mission, and I feel that I should be doing this full time! Every dollar you donate will allow me to spend more time on this calling! Thank you soooo much! I appreciate it more than you know. Forever grateful.

-Sky <3

Ways in which I'll be active:

Organizer of Anonymous for the Voiceless: I'll continue to organize events for Anonymous for the Voiceless. We set up Cube of Truths where activists are arranged in a cube and hold signs reading "Truth" and computers/TVs showing standard practices of local slaughterhouses. Other activists participate in outreach where we talk to the public about what they see on the screens and we educate them about veganism. This is a highly effective form of street activism. I participate in all the Cubes in Asheville and I'm even starting to travel outside of Asheville to other cities and states to participate in their Cubes as well. We've had several people go vegan from this form of activism.

Activist at The Save Movement. I travel to other cities and states with other activists to bear witness to animals on their way to the slaughterhouse. We take pictures and videos of the animals and post them to social media in hopes that people will make the connect and realize WHO they're eating. This has been highly effective so far as well. I've already had people tell me they've gone vegan from seeing the videos I've posted and from reading what I've written. This form of activism is also very powerful for me because it reminds me who I'm fighting for and fuels my fire.

Street interviews and vegan education videos: I'm gonna start filming my outreach conversations at Cubes and continue to make more vegan education videos to help people go vegan and to help vegans become active. I've already posted several 1 minute long videos on Instagram, but with your help I'm going to invest in a good quality video camera, so I can post better quality content and bring longer videos to Youtube in order to reach more people. :) 

Social Media: Lately I've been spending a good amount of time online answering questions and concerns people have about going vegan. People hit me up on private messenger on FB, DM me on Instagram, and text me with questions about how they can go vegan. People have even begun to schedule face to face meetings with me so I can guide them towards a vegan life in person. Sometimes people comment on my posts, and I engage in healthy debates on veganism as well. I also share my food via Instagram and FB. Some of it's food that I've made myself, and some of it's food that I've picked up from other places. I like to show people how enjoyable, healthy, and accessible it is to be vegan. I like to make people aware of the plant-based restaurants in town and show them how easy it is to order vegan food even at non-vegan restaurants.
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