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Thank you SO much for contributing. You get access to my surveys on what to draw for the month. Including the finished piece that I've made for that month. Patreon only sneak peeks and previews of the work.
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You will be rewarded Tier 1 rewards as well as Tier 2 jpeg files, ( 2-3 artworks) a month.
1 freestyle, 1 fantasy, and depending on the month, 1 mystery piece.

Brush settings would be awarded as well.
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If the demand reflects as much, another tier of expanded rewards will be granted. Until then, there will only be tier 1 and tier 2 rewards.




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About SkyVanp

  • Hello, i'm Sky and I make original illustrations themed with an array of topics. I'm using Patreon to spread my art more throughout the world while also connecting with people who happen to like what I create. I have goals that I plan on fulfilling and it would mean the world to me if you could help me reach them. 
  • My primary goal is to save enough money to move to California, which is at least a total of 5K. 
  • Sub goals include a HP LaserJet printer/scanner, and I would also like to create custom moleskin sketchbooks and key chain, I have yet to come up with a minimum estimate for that.
  • This is a big start and I know it looks like a lot but the cheaper priced things that I required have already been obtained and I am now at that stage where I would fully like to branch out and be more active artistically as a business and artist on the internet. I look forward to working with you all ^w^
$0 of $30 per art piece
Autodesk sketchbook pro membership for 1 year. Contributes to high resolution products, easier and more comfortable workflow for myself.
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