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  • All previous benefits - Access to all locked posts and Special Skywalking Force Design on TeePublic. Monthly shout-out on STN and your name on our website.



About Skywalking Through Neverland

Hey Hey Skywalkers! Welcome to our family of Star Wars, Disney and Marvel fans!

Skywalking Through Neverland is a podcast, YouTube channel and website co-hosted by us -husband and wife team Richard and Sarah Woloski. We cover Star Wars, Disney and Marvel - from new films and TV shows to the vintage era. Each podcast contains interviews with Imagineers, producers, book and comic book authors, even actors. The show has an amazing community of fans (Skywalkers, as we like to call you) that has grown with us over 5 years. This little podcast that could has become our baby, our family of Skywalkers. We could not be more grateful.

So why are we reaching out now? After 5 years of providing weekly shows of the highest quality, we want to do more more! Just as a 5-year-old starts on a new chapter of life when they head to Kindergarten, we are looking for ways to expand and grow. We'd love to provide more content, have more time to develop our YouTube channel and create more quality entertainment for your ears and eyes. That's why we're recruiting you as our Skywalking Force.

We love producing Skywalking Through Neverland each week, so we'll never stop, and it will always be free. But we want to contribute more time, more insights, more interviews, and you will be our Force to make that happen. Begun, the Skywalking Force has.

We're so excited about it that we've created this Exclusive Patreon-only T-Shirt design! 

Where Will This Money Go?
Great question! With your help, we can produce our spin-off shows on a more regular basis - Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics and Step In Time. We will be able to take more time off work so we can head to press events or various comic cons all over the U.S., and maybe even the world! The sky really is the limit.

We have some fun stretch goals, like investing in binaural microphones so we can share special exclusive Skywalking Force episodes like our trips to Disneyland or the beach. All of the proceeds for this campaign will be invested back into the show. If you've gotten value or entertainment from us - to give back and help take the show to the next level.

Why Should I Pledge?
We feel that each episode we produce is a polished gem. Many hours are spent each week tracking down interviewees, planning content, writing show notes and, of course, recording. Once the show has been recorded, Richard meticulously edits out clicks, pops, um's, ah's and anything that may sound horrible in your earbuds. This takes approximately 15 hours each week.
Meanwhile, Sarah created the show imagery in Photoshop, writes up the show notes and meticulously links everything and schedules social media posts. It's a part-time job!

So take a look at the various pledge levels, and if this is something you'd like to support, welcome - you are not only a Skywalker, you are a Skywalking Force! If it's not for you right now, we hope you still tune in and listen each week. And, always remember,

NeverLand On Alderaan!!


You may have noticed that at our highest level - HYPERDRIVE - you receive a free gift every 6 months, AFTER pledging for 6 months. We have a special going on until October 31, 2018 - you will receive your FREE item of choice from our TeePublic shop within the 1st month! Pledge early, get free stuff early, that's how the Skywalking Force works!

100% complete
When $100 dollars we reach, invest in binaural microphones we will!
These microphones sit in your ears and record true surround sound. This means we can bypass Secret Squirrel when we go to Disneyland, press events, the beach, you name it! And those extra Skywalking Force shows will get REALLY interesting. Let's do this!
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