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The tier for the broke hackers out there.  A no-frills tier for those who cannot afford the higher tiers which come with perks - donate what you can afford :)


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  • Patron-only service updates and advance notification of downtime (planning permitting).
  • A pint of beer or cup of coffee on me, should we have the opportunity to meet.


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  • A "" IRC hostname cloak on the IRC network.
  • And everything in the previous tier.




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About Slackware UK

Hi there, Tadgy (Darren Austin) here.  I am the founder, maintainer and systems administrator for the Slackware UK mirror and hosting service specifically targeted at the Slackware Linux community.

The service has been running for over 10 years now - I started out small, with a PC under a desk and a 2Mbits/sec SDSL connection.  From simply offering a mirror of Slackware Linux, the service has grown and grown into what it is today - dedicated servers with Gigabit connectivity for all things Slackware!

I would like to think Slackware UK has grown to be one of the largest repositories of Slackware related projects and files on the internet - in fact, I cannot think of anywhere else that provides access to so many resources in one location.

Slackware UK isn't just about mirroring software that you can find elsewhere on the internet - I offer free full file hosting to Slackware related projects, distributions and package maintainers.  There are several projects which use Slackware UK as their primary hosting solution; including SlackwareARM, Absolute Linux, Freeslack, Slint, Cinnamon SlackBuild (CSB) and MATE SlackBuild (MSB), to name but a few.  I also offer a mirror of the entire Slackware Linux trees and other projects such as Zenwalk, and packages provided by alienBOB (Eric Hameleers) and rworkman (Robby Workman). I also maintain an in-house (with thanks to alienBOB) cumulative archive of all packages distributed since the very first release of Slackware64.

So, why am I asking for Patrons?  Simply to cover some of the costs and expenses for running the service.  I am not looking to profiteer on the back of Slackware Linux or Patrick's work - in fact, I encourage you to visit Pat's Patreon page and sign up to become one of his patrons also.  I only ask that, if you regularly use Slackware UK or one of the projects that I host, you would kindly consider becoming a patron of the service, if you have the means.

Any donations are gratefully received and every little helps.  If you wish to donate as a one off or an amount which is not available on Patreon, please see the Slackware UK website for PayPal links.

Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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