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About Slash

I'm a professional indie dev, working as the lead game developer at Slashware Interactive. However, while I'm happy creating higher profile, profitable indie games (and working with other companies to get their games out), I still want to work on cool projects that might appeal a smaller audience, you can see some of the things I have done at my personal projects website

With your contribution I will be able to:
  • Invest more time into the development of these games, to finish the ones currently in development, and continue creating new stuff.
  • Pay other artists for the required art and sound assets which I can't create.

Right now the top priority for me in this regard is to finish the development of OpenArthurianX6, an engine we ran a crowdfunding campaign for in 2016, but we underestimated the effort needed to finish it, so we are still pushing for it.

Below is a small sample of some other retro games I've made, you can check of all of them at my website

Ananias - A full-fledged classic roguelike (Completed!)

Rodney - A straightforward classic roguelike (Completed!)

Drash - In many ways the predecessor of Rodney (Completed!

CvRL - A vampire killer roguelike (Completed!)

Expedition: Voyage to the New World - A turn based exploration and conquest game (Playable!

Morgaelin - A classic RPG engine (Dev Paused)

Pixal - A browser-based arena game (Dev Paused)

ArcherFire - A sidescrolling space shooter (Dev Paused)

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