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What's up ya'll. I go by Sleepy Scrub (also Sleeping Master sometimes) and currently I'm making mods for Street Fighter 5 on PC.

Mu current modding gallery lives here if you wanna check it out, go ahead and grab yourself some mods if you want.

I got into modding over winter break a few years back and slowly taught myself how by reading through literally every page of the SF5 section of the old Zetaboards modding forum. And after almost two years of practice and study it has become a passion of mine. I've always loved Street Fighter and I love the way that modding gives me more ways to express myself creatively (and in turn, it lets players express their own personalities). 

I've had some successes (Ken's Face), and some failures (also Ken's face) but through it all I really enjoy bringing you guys high quality Street Fighter mods.

Creatively, I love visualizing new mods but I'll be honest, I hate the troubleshooting, and often I switch onto a new project before the old one is finished when I hit walls or get bored. That's just how I work, lol.

BUT, I do still want to give back to the community.

So after a lot of thought, what I'm going to do here is post WIP versions of my mods for you guys to enjoy while I tinker with them and get them to full release-ready status.

Some are in rougher shape, others are almost completely done and I just haven't come up with full color palettes yet (so if you don't mind that or would rather come up with your own, you may get a lot of mileage out of these). 

When these mods are done the final releases will still go up on my DeviantArt for free, so if you'd rather wait you certainly can.

But if you enjoy my work and would rather have working versions NOW to play around with, I can make that happen for you, and you can support my work.

In terms of why you should be a supporter, game modding work is an immense time commitment in terms of both researching new ideas, solving problems, and in terms of troubleshooting how skins work within SF5's graphics engine. Sometimes I need to buy new characters/costume slots in order to answer people's requests. Other times I have to buy entirely new games in order to port skins or gear pieces that are essential. 

So while I'm not trying to bleed anybody dry, mods are NOT free for me to make, and any help towards offsetting my costs would go a long way and help me increase my output (and maybe if this grows enough, start to expand into modding other games at some point). 

Hopefully with your support I can continue to bring you high quality fighting game mods. Forget waiting around for the developers, let's make Street Fighter the game we know it can be!
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For those who just want to show a bit of support. No pressure but if you appreciate my work and just want to show a little bit of thanks, this is for you. A little bit can go a long way! 

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Want to come up with your own custom color scheme for your favorite SF5 character? Tired of blond fighter 5? Want to add some melanin to your favorite character? I can help with that. Backers of this tier get ONE costume color per month by request, delivered in .pak format, message me for details.

Exclusive WIP Gallery!
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Access to links to my WIP gallery, accessible in .pak format. Some of these mods are rough, others are very close to being done, and you can have them today!  Why wait? 

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