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Sleepy Time Tales helps you to get a good night's rest. You may not have the means to provide a lot of support, but your help is welcomed. You're willing to give me a helping hand, to keep the show active and free, without a material benefit.

You will receive a weekly 'Cat-Nap' a short bonus episode available only to Patrons.

  You will get listed, with your permission, on the 'Thanks' page on the Sleepy Time Tales website, and a shout out in the promo section of the show and in the show notes.  
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If you can rummage around the couch cushions every month for some loose change you can do a lot to help keep Sleepy Time Tales up and running, and growing.
As well as the satisfaction of helping yourself and other to get a great night's sleep you will receive the following bonuses:

* A shout out on an episode

* A listing on the Sleepy Time Tales Thank You page

* And early release of the next episode.
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The price of a cup of coffee does a lot to help Sleepy Time Tales run and grow.
At this level you are doing a lot to help hundreds of people to get a good night's sleep.
But even if the satisfaction of this isn't enough of a reward you will also get the following bonuses:

* A fun, touristy postcard sent from Durban, South Africa.

* The weekly Cat-Nap minisode, only available for $5 and higher patrons

* Shout outs on a following episode

* Lisitng on the thank you page of the Sleepy Time Tales website

* Early release on main episodes when available

* Promo free and story only edits of the main episode




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Good evening friends and welcome to Sleepy Time Tales. A podcast intended to help you sleep.
Do you find your mind plagued with the stresses of modern life, especially when you’re laying yourself down for a restful night? Does your mind, spin and churn?

Follow my voice, down the path towards a restful night. Listen to me tell a story, that will keep your mind from wandering to your daytime problems, the ones you can’t solve right now. And will be easier to solve with a solid night’s rest.

Find the show's home at or subscribe on your podcatcher of choice to get an idea of what the show is.
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I'd like to commission the wonderful Saga Mackenzie to do some character artwork so I can do some merchandise.

Would you like a Buddy T-shirt or pillow? Help me to get to this level. :D

I can also upgrade a few of the services I use and get some more equipment.
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