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Undying candle:we donot fade in the dark
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Gem of healing.: power of renewal
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About Anita Collins

My name is Nita Collins aka Sleetwealth Shreckengost.  I'm a  sculptor , doll maker, interested in expressing the delicate edge between unsettling and sublime that exists in otherworldly realms.

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Its a powerful creator's only network unlike any other and a FANTASTIC alternative to the typical social media.

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 You can tip as a way to say. " You inspire me... or even onward friend"!  The tipping can be paused, or stopped at any time . Even $1 tip gives a nice power boost! My main goal is to use Patreon as a way to supplement my income and have a much nicer studio for myself
   My patrons and friends, you have been so amazingly supportive these years ! Im  surprised at how well the page is doing. . I want to thank each and every one of you for the privilege and for the encouragement!  And of course, just for giving my page a look or follow.  If you're  a newcomer to my creations and to sculpting we welcome you too and look forward to filling your days with creative joy. I believe artists need artists ,we are some of the most generous and caring people  and Patreon is one of the handiest ways for us to create a strong tribe.

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Your support will help make showcase and tutorial videos which take hours of editing and narration, it will enable me to spend more time for elaborate art which I can send to Galleries and publication because I will be able to invest  in that as well as  in tools, try out different methods and media ,have fun and share more sculpture with you.

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A new goal. for 2019.  This yr Im attending NIADA art doll confernece and branching out more with visibility of my works. Support means I can try new things. At 450 I will purchase a fuel tank for glass eyes.
I also  would like to purchase better film equipment so I can make videos oftener and increase veiwership.


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