Sleetwealth Shreckengost is creating wonders and atrocities(• ◡•)

Undying candle:You're a light in the dark

$1 /mo

  • Delightful! My thanks friend. 
  • Enjoy video tutorials.
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Gem of healing.: A precious burst of luck!

$5 /mo
  •  My sincere thanks for support and caring! <3
    ● Exclusive behind-the-scenes/work-in-progress photos and sneak peeks of my projects as well as tips and tricks from m...

Raven crown: I honor my kin with these dark wings

$10 /mo
  • Gratitude and respect my fellow journeyer. 
  • monthly mini give away


  • Advance notice of art sales; exclusive first ac...

Faeries Kiss: A lingering glamour of protection

$30 /mo
  • Much love a gratitude
  • Plus all previous rewards
  •  Special  art gift  of my chooseing

Fierce unicorn: A rare creature of power!

$100 /mo
  • Immense gratitude!!! 
  • Early downloads of all releases
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • Commissions open
  • first chance for BJD