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About Summer Brooks

I'm Summer Brooks, and long-time listeners to science fiction themed podcasts may know me from the long-running Slice of SciFi, a show I've either hosted, co-hosted, or produced for over 13 years, plus old genre favorites The Babylon Podcast and Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas.

Slice of SciFi means a great deal to me, in part because of the fans and friends I've encountered over the years who've also loved the show, and also because of the talent we've all watched on television and in films who I've been able to talk with about their work. On-air personalities change, show formats change, but I still believe the heart of this show lies in showcasing the talent that's out there creating the genre entertainment we all enjoy... and sometimes enjoy making fun of!

I still love interviewing creators with stories to tell, as much as talking to those who have helped others get their stories told... a poetic way of saying how much I enjoy talking with writers, directors, actors and producers. It's something I plan to keep doing for as along as I can, and including as many other geeky voices in the mix as possible.

A large part of my love of genre entertainment includes books, and that led to the creation of Writers, After Dark, a place where I could focus on all types of writers and storytellers. The objective is to talk with story creators in various mediums: comic book writers, fiction writers, screenwriters and playwrights and more -- we'll see how deep down that rabbit hole I can go.

That's the goal for now, to support Slice of SciFi continuing to be a weekly show, moving Writers, After Dark up to a weekly show right alongside it.

All of these goals need more support than I can provide by myself for now. It requires hosting for the websites to house the feeds, hosting for the audio files, and most of all, quality time to keep recording & producing the shows, writing reviews and keeping the team supplied with new review materials and events to attend. It also includes eventually paying the contributors.

Your support definitely makes this easier, and I believe that support will help me improve the shows as we keep moving forward, and that's more fun for all of us.

Thank you!
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This would make it possible to cover website hosting for,,, and most of the rest of the websites.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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