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About Tormental Slimebeast

Short Pitch: Read my stories by backing my Patreon at as little as $1. These stories then go into multiple books, which sell on Amazon for an average of about $5 each.

Hello! My name is "Slimebeast" or, if you prefer, "Tormental"!

By backing this Patreon page, you will get access to Patron-only posts, such as short horror fiction. These stories will be held as "exclusive" for a period no shorter than 30 days, after which they will most likely be put into collections for sale on Amazon. This means that you're getting an exclusive early look at future books, and can read past books, even for $1/month.

Here's some stuff I have going, of which your moneys help me focus on to do them:

On Reddit:
r/Creepypasta - Trying to save the subreddit, step by step over time.
r/StayAwake - A less restrictive alternative to r/NoSleep.
r/NoStory - A fun place to put silly story titles.

Videos & Streaming:
Slimebeast - Mostly opinion and "news", for lack of a better term.
Tormental - Gaming channel, thoroughly crushed by YouTube.
FearFic - A silly-ass review podcast.
Creepypasta - Trying to save narrations, step by step over time.
Tormy - Live streaming channel, have future plans for it.

A place to post your stories:
A fiction archive:

Social Sites:
Discord channel

I produce various web content such as short horror fiction (FearFic), pixel and traditional artwork, videos, and "ARG" style websites. I also maintain some generally beneficial resources.

On YouTube, I pride myself on not accepting sponsorship or partner network offers. This means I can say what I actually believe and do what I actually want to do without fear. If I play a game I don't like, I can say I don't like it. If someone is abusing creators, I call them out on it. I will never mislead people into buying stuff.

In the realm of FearFic, I have not only written well-known tales such as "Abandoned by Disney", "Funnymouth", "Lost Episodes", and "Whimsywood", but I've also been a very strong advocate for creator's rights. This means I take time to battle people who are abusing or outright stealing others' work. I also take on issues I think are detrimental to the "community" such as people exploiting creators for for views/fame.

Again, I do this without making sponsorship or partner money -- and that's the reason WHY I'm free to do it without concern for what a corporate overseer will think. It's easy for people to get get "shut down" by companies holding cash over their head.

I'm not a money-driven person, but I definitely would appreciate if I could create content for you without having to outright charge, constantly beg, or be silenced by sponsors. So here is my Patreon page! If you would like to support what I do, any amount would be really awesome. If you can't afford to support, that's totally fine as well. In that case, if you still want to help, just sharing my projects with people is a great thing to do.
$97.96 of $100 per month
This will help pay for household bills like my internet connection, etc. Can't do much of this without that! XD Thank you!
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