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The Baron tier is for those who want to leave a little something in my virtual tip jar to help keep the mods chugging along.

You also get access to my development diaries where you can find out more in depth about my research and what features I'm planning to add.


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The Count tier is for those that want to give a little bit more for my virtual busking. You will have access to the same development diaries as the Barons but, as an extra, I will add you as a character in the mod of your choice (e.g. be one of the founding knights of an order or be a professor at a newborn university). Your character can also have their dna and 4 non-congenital traits of your choice to make them truly personal! 


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The Duke tier is for those who want to leave a more permanent mark on the game world. You will get access to all the features of the previous tiers but will also have the possibility to add your very own artifact to the game. Have your book read across the known world or have your relic be quested for long after your character has shuffled off their mortal coil!




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About Slothinator

Hello, my name is Slothinator, I'm an experienced modder for Crusader Kings 2. I currently have three mods out (University, Chivalric Societies, and Rich Childhood) and plans to add more. I keep updating my mods with new and interesting features based on suggestions or personal research.

By joining my Patreon you will not only show your appreciation for my work but also gain access to my weekly development diaries and have a say in where my mods are going.

I enjoy modding because it's a way in which I can improve on a game I love, not only for myself but also for others who can join me in the improvement I add. Beyond this, modding is also a great way for me to learn about things I would otherwise not have been able to investigate and hopefully to transfer this curiosity unto you.

Here are the links to:
Chivalric Societies
Rich Childhood

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts

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