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Back in 2016, my husband Ben and I embarked on a year of slow living experiments, which we documented on The Slow Home Podcast. We meditated every day for a month, we tried to live without single-use plastics for a month, we stopped drinking alcohol, we removed processed sugar from our diets, we did daily yoga, we journaled and removed all technology from our bedroom - all with varying degrees of success. 

In short, these experiments changed our lives, and we loved seeing our community of podcast listeners joining in on the experiments throughout the year.

In 2018 we tackled a handful more experiments: 60 minutes a day in nature, mindful breathing, five minutes of doing nothing every day, and I realised just how powerful these small, playful practices were.

I wanted to create a place where podcast listeners, slow living enthusiasts, and people who are just curious about slowing down, could come and experiment together, so The Slow Experiment Club was born. 

The experiments and the format we use here is sure to evolve over time, but as a supporter you will gain access to the following for every experiment:

  • an exclusive weekly podcast episode, for members of the Slow Experiment Club only 
  • additional resources, links and relevant additional information here on the Patreon page 
  • a live Q&A video chat with me (or maybe the occasional expert) to talk through our progress or challenges throughout each experiment

This is a chance to get curious and play around with small, impactful changes in your life, and hopefully connect with some like-minded people. The experiments are designed to be playful and fun, and you get to decide if you want to go all-in, light-touch or somewhere in between. There's no requirements here other than curiosity!

It's my hope that this community will slowly grow in to a place where we can find support, accountability, friendship and a sense of belonging. Because if slowing down and simplifying my life has taught me anything, it's that making counter-cultural choices can often leave us feeling alone in our efforts. But let me tell you, you're definitely not alone. 

I can't wait to meet you inside the Slow Experiment Club and see what kind of changes we can make together.

Brooke x


What's the current experiment?
Our third experiment for 2019 kicks off in September and is all about human connection - what it is, why it's important, how it relates to slow living and how to create opportunities for more connection in your life.

What rewards are being offered?
Everyone, no matter how much or little they pledge, will be offered the same reward: membership in the Slow Experiment Club. This includes regular posts with resources, links, tutorials, podcast episodes and a live Q&A call with me during each experiment. 

When is the Slow Home Podcast released?
We run the show in seasons of 8 episodes, four times a year, and new poggies are released early Thursday morning (Australian time). If you live in North America, the UK or Europe, it will hit your feed Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Where can I subscribe? 

What's a poggie? 
Our weird word for podcast. When our son was little he used to call it a pogpast, so the name kinda stuck!
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