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About Artful Productions

A Haven for people following the Slow Movement
A Respite from modern life
An Oasis for folks who can’t get out there in person
A Resource for anyone who wants to get in the mood…

Welcome to Artful Productions, where we produce the video version of Slow TV. If you haven’t happened across Slow TV, you can check it out here. Thank you, Norway, for daring to try something so radically, slowly different from the mainstream.

What is it?

In a nutshell, it’s filming things in real time, no fast edits, no flash storyline - just observing the details of life as they unfold. It could be a half hour video. Or a five hour film. More on that later.

What can it do for you?

Watching our films gives you a chance to Finally. Just. Relax. Be absorbed by the play of light on water. The rustle of leaves in the wind. Soften your eyes, focus beyond the image, and meditate.

Or you can have it on in the background, like an open window to a sparkling sunny day beside a waterfall. Let that become your baseline, rather than the drone of traffic, or the incessant chatter of depressing garbage on the television.

Or play it like a work of living art, beautiful as nature, subtly changing over time.

Or use it to create a mood for a party; whether a party of 200 at a wedding, or two, come home with the new date.

Or run it for your loved ones who can’t hike outside anymore, who find regular TV too disturbing, or your kids who could use a break from the violence and techno-adoration of the regular offerings. There’s no limit, because nature is limitless. Okay, allowing for the limits of resilient systems within nature, but we don’t need to go there right now…

Who are we?

We’re a couple of artisan leatherworkers looking for a way out of the leather business. After years of producing lovely leather gear, our bodies are calling it quits. As many of you who work with your hands know, it can be hard on the body - RSI, chronic problems with backs, necks, knees. Getting older sucks. So we’re switching to something completely different, new, and exciting. And, ah, easier on the body, of course. But best of all, we get to explore this whole new genre of filmmaking, and bring it home for you.

It’s a genre in the making. Talk about cutting edge - this is it. We’re working on technical challenges (How long is that film? Four hours? Do you know how many megabytes that is to process? Good grief!). We’re pioneering shooting styles, and weaving editing philosophies (What’s a short clip? Forty seconds? That’s crazy! Anything longer than five seconds will have eyes glazing over! And so on.).

We’re trying to figure it all out as we go along. And like any healthy new creation, it takes a community to raise that project. So we’re asking you. Come along for the ride. Watch. Listen. Discuss your thoughts with everyone else here. Become a part of new ideas.

Help us to develop something we believe will help other lives, and have fun doing it.

Kristina & Billy

p.s. We thought we'd include the trailers to a couple of films, so you can get an idea of what we're doing. Enjoy!

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