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Hi! I'm Izzy Muerte. I'm a C++ Bruja, Build Systems Expert, and former Game Developer. I develop open source software in a variety of languages. Rust, Python, Go, and of course, C++. I participate in the C++ Standards Committee on my own time because I want to make C++ the very best language it can be. My biggest project right now is a secret project called the "Occult Toolset", a C++ toolchain, build system, and package manager to help the average person write C++ better.

Lately, it's been getting hard to justify working on anything outside of my job. I love working on open source software and I don't want to have to slow down my contributions or abandon my projects. Your contributions go directly to various projects I work on. From writing on the esoteric details of build systems, to the development of small utilities, as well as participating in the C++ Standard. Eating everyone once in a while so I don't go hungry is also a perk 🙂

Thank you for your consideration and potential support!
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