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WE ARE SMALLBU-- aka Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, an animation duo and horrible Cronenburg monster... of fun! AND BLOODAAGH. Thank you for coming to our page! Please don't tell people how we live.

WHAT DO WE DO-- We often produce and direct special episodes of television cartoons that make you go, "hm" and "well". We also produce our own animated shorts regularly, including the all-ages, internet Winnie the Pooh-type series BAMAN PIDERMAN. One of us knows how to play the saxophone but I'm not gonna tell you which.
While we finish up the few remaining episodes of Baman Piderman, we're embarking on the hefty dream of making an independent, animated feature film. It's our dream to be able to continue making original content that people can enjoy and working for corporate stuff less. We love telling stories, and we hope we can do that until we die from old age or I guess heart disease. Whoa this got a little too real for a sec, I'll pull it back.

Watch the teaser for our feature film project HERE:

WHAT IS HERE--Illustration, gifs, access to projects in-progress we're working on (including our movie!), regular live streams, and behind the scenes! We are both also keen on teaching animation, and will often post helpful guides, tutorials, and tips for navigating the modern animation/film landscape from a freelancing perspective.

We love cartoons! Thanks for even reading this, we're grateful every day to be able to continue making animated films for everyone.
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