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About Michele

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. – Peter Marshall

I never thought we’d be living in a world where there are such things as “alternative facts.” But here we are, you and me, trying to save our republic from the orange-haired tweeto and his entourage.

After November 8, 2016, many of us wondered – what can we do? How can we help? How can we activate? The issues and problems that need attention are so big that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It’s easy to get bogged down in the breadth and depth of the work that has to be done.

We get enough e-mails telling us about all of the terrible-horribles, don't we?

So I focus on the "can-dos." Each week I send out a list of small deeds to do today for a better tomorrow. I want you to recognize that small actions are not insignificant. They are steps along the path that we’re taking to make the change that we believe in.

Weekly action items are accompanied by a pep talk for the patriotic. An item of inspiration, a story, a perspective you hadn't thought about - all ways to support your soul and keep you firing on all cylinders. 

I believe we can work together in small ways to make a big difference. And I firmly believe that if we work together, we can save our democracy.

I'll bet you do, too.

And that, fellow citizen activist, is why we will win this thing.

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When I reach 100 patrons, we'll have our very own patron pep rally - a webinar all about supporting YOU, and supporting each other. Because that's what we need right now, isn't it? (Even a $1 donation counts!)
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