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So you might be wondering... Just What Is Smaller Totems?

First and foremost, Smaller Totems is a longform webcomic by Los Angeles writer Roby Duncan and illustrated by Chicago artist lewis lain. It updates every Friday at, with new multi-page, multi-panel Installments, "comic cover" homages to our favorite slices of comic and cinema history , and our favorite, reader-submitted Fan Totems.

Smaller Totems tells the story of a band of magically awakened stuffed animals engaged in an ongoing nightly war with the horde of evil spirits attempting to feed off the nightmares of the family they protect. Caught between the mystery of a vanished younger brother (Brandon) and the battle to protect the dreams of his troubled older brother (Ian), the small guardians find their old traditions provide precious little help against a seemingly-endless horde of strange, new enemies. Simultaneously, in the daylight waking-world of older-brother Ian, the story follows his struggle to make sense of his little brother's disappearance while trying to keep a steady grip on the difference between bad dreams and grim reality.

Here are a few samples:

The comic has been up for just over two years now, and we're over 50 Installments in. Being a labor of love, both Roby and lewis spend hours each week working on the comic, if not hours each day, and then also juggle day jobs and freelance work to cover the bills. That, dear potential patron, is where you can help! By pledging your support via this Smaller Totems Patreon campaign, you can help Roby and lewis not only keep producing content at the rate they've been going, but possibly increase their output, allow them to develop the story in new directions and mediums, and maybe even be able to push through for this to become that full-time dream job that they would both love... and that means more comic content for you!
So... to put it bluntly... Smaller Totems needs your support!

With your pledges, the Totems team can afford to cover the costs of their recent site redesign, upgrade some of the graphics gear being used to produce the comic, and eventually provide enough income for Roby and lewis to be able to design & release graphic novels. With enough support, we'll even be able to explore the possibilities of animation. OH... and who could forget conventions! If you opt to become a Smaller Totems patron, here's an idea of what the team will do with your donation:
  • Pay for hosting, advertising, and site design for Smaller Totems.
  • Cover computer/art supply expenses that we've already incurred, and will continue to incur.
  • Create an income buffer that will allow us to spend more time developing and producing the comic (and related projects) and less time in the salt mines.
  • Cover cost of travel and expenses for attending conventions.
  • Pay for the creation of new merchandise (we have lots of exciting ideas for this one)
  • Fund explorations of new, non-webcomic mediums for Totems (graphic novels, animations, etc.)

While Smaller Totems will always be a project we're passionate about, with the help of our patrons we're hoping it can be a project that also stands on its own two feet and learns to run!

In the meantime, we will continue to put out Smaller Totems once a week, in webcomic form, for our readers to enjoy for free. We love telling the story, and whether you can help support us getting it out there or not, we're super happy to have you along for the ride, and hope you enjoy the tale. Feel free to reach out and say hello if you like what we're doing!

$46.80 of $300 per month
Given that both Roby and lewis live in different parts of the country, being able to raise enough money for airfare, accommodations, and convention fees would finally become possible. Being able to get out and participate together as a team, in the wide, wonderful world of convention life would be an awesome thing! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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