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About Small Press Traffic

Dear Friend of Small Press Traffic,

We recently bade a heartfelt farewell to our past director of over ten years, Samantha Giles, who worked tirelessly to bring us some of the most exciting writers today in programs ranging from readings, to dinner conversations, to Endless Summer marathons, to Poets Theater extravaganzas, to residency opportunities, and so much more!

Naturally, a 45 year old organization goes through ups and downs. We're currently reassessing things — taking a hard look at internal issues like budget and operations, and exploring external factors like funding opportunities and collaborations — to see what is possible in the years to come. I'll be working for a modest stipend as we try to get back to stable footing.

The continuation of Small Press Traffic rests in all of our hands. I promise to work hard to do the most I can with as little as we've got, and I hope that if you're interested in seeing SPT persist, you'll find a way to support us. Any amount you are able to give, whether in a monthly capacity or making a one-time donation on our website, will help us begin to offer high quality programs again.

I've already gathered some incredible folks who are active in Bay Area literary and arts endeavors to help me, and I plan to be working as collaboratively as possible, so feel free to say hi and drop me a note!

Syd Staiti
Executive Director
[email protected]