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Curious Explorer

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Interested in biology and want to dip your toes? 

Start here for full access to all of our published lectures, course materials, lab hardware build plans, tutorials, and more. 

100% of proceeds go toward funding the lab's day to day expenses. 

Brave Adventurer

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Enthusiastic about biology and wish to dive in? 

This perk grants you access to our educational content AND our exclusive Patron Only Discord Server AND access to our Open Lab Notebook. Ask your questions, start lively conversations, share your experiences, and beta test our educational material before we publish it!

Budding Biologist

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Need help setting up your home lab? Have a research idea but don't know where to start?

This perk grants you one 20 minute Skype session with us each month to plan discuss your project goals one-on-one.

► Office Hours are reserved for educational and open source projects only. Start-Up, NDA, or professional consultations are subject to formal rates. ◄




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About Binomica Labs

Hi! We're Binomica Labs, an independent educational research group whose mission is to bring quality open source scientific research tools and resources into the hands of discovery-driven researchers of all ages. We believe that every human being on this planet is more than capable of conducting meaningful scientific research regardless of academic background.

By supporting our cause, we'll provide you with exclusive access to our ever-growing library of lectures, experiments, open source hardware build plans, and more. You'll recieve comprehensive guides to basic and advanced molecular biology techniques, covering a wide range of topics and fields. As a patron, you can beta-test our educational material, where your feedback will help shape the quality and direction of the content provided.

All experiments and modules will culminate in lesson plans and curricula with the intention of integration into formal classroom settings. With your invaluable help, we'll bridge the gap between research and education such that the two become indistinguishable from one another. Join our adventure today! Jumpstart your curiosity with some small thoughtful science!
$222.67 of $900 per month
Help generate new knowledge by allowing us to purchase one Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION Flow cell each month for sequencing the genome of orphaned or otherwise likely disregarded organisms that would potentially never be fully sequenced. We don't know what new discoveries these organisms can lead to unless we take a look. All patrons will be mentioned in the publication of this research data.
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