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Get brand new songs first! Access to Patreon exclusive feed. Your name goes in the credits of all future videos.

$1 /creation
Get access to our brand new songs first! Always! We'll be posting content here you can't get anywhere else, as well as interacting with you.  We'll also put your name in the credits of our future v...

Access to downloads of live shows, behind the scenes and making of videos, online concerts

$5 /creation
You can download audio of our live shows! We're going to record as many as we can from here on out. Also, we'll take you behind the scenes on our projects and give you online concerts w/ chat suppo...

Extra art accompanying songs pdf files (drawing about lyrics, poetry, etc.). 1 random $10 or more patron will get physical copy of art.

$10 /creation
Any accompanying pieces of art with our songs are yours.  One random person gets a physical copy of this art sent right to their door.  You'll also get access to all of the rewards above.  $10 a vi...

Free pair of tickets to any show no questions asked until you die.

$24 /creation
If you are seriously gonna give us $24 a video, you're on the guest list forever.  We can't thank you enough for your support.  You are one of our biggest fans! You'll also get EVERYTHING in the ab...