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Bin of Splendor
$1 or more per month 13 patrons
Cheers! We'll raise a glass (or two) to you and invite you to our Discord chat. ♥
Includes Discord rewards
Soup Kitchen
$3 or more per month 11 patrons
Cor, you're brilliant! You'll still get the previous tier rewards as well as:
  • Access to WIP pages of Tistow & Year in Hereafter.
Includes Discord rewards
Fish Supper
$10 or more per month 6 patrons
Wow, cupcake. Thank you so much! This is the first physical reward tier.
  • We'll send you a post card/print in the post as a thank you!
Includes Discord rewards
Blacksmith's Buffet
$30 or more per month 2 patrons
You've really made our day! Everything from all the previous tiers is still included and once your payment goes through:
  • We'll send you a traditional illustration (ST, YIH or Tistow themed) in the post!
  • All of these are completely unique and traditionally inked and painted.
Includes Discord rewards