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About Smar

What I do


I've created four issues of OMG Lesbians and a couple of other comics.
My goal is to keep making silly, inclusive comics, mostly about queer women.

Home Queer Home

It's a webcomic about the lives of three friends living in Athens, Greece. You can read the comic on, a new page is posted every Wednesday.

Sketches, Illustrations...

Every month I'm asking you questions on instagram and making sketches / illustrations out of your replies. Time allowing and with your support, I'd love to keep doing this regularly! I loved experimenting with it and getting to interact with you that way.

Why Patreon

As a fan of the webcomic model, I love the idea of free indie comics! You can find amazing things to read, and creators being able to do whatever they want without restrictions is a fantastic thing.

Of course, creating a weekly, full color webcomic takes up a lot of time. I'm making it out of love and I'm glad you can read it for free! Unfortunately, things like food cost money, so in order to keep making it, I'm going to need support. The fact that people generally want to support the creators they like is amazing, and if you're thinking of supporting me you're already increasing my faith in humanity!

You can also follow me on instagram/facebook/twitter/tumbl
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Webcomic Behind the Scenes
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I will be sharing the comic making process with you! See the rough sketches of the pages I post, my thoughts and any random stuff I find online while researching!
Autobio Comics!
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I'm making daily journal comics! I will be posting them here on Patreon every week.

You will also receive the Webcomic Behind the Scenes reward.

Comic Books!
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Every month you'll get a pdf of a comic I've made. These will be the 4 issues of OMG Lesbians and any other comic pdfs I make. You will also receive the Webcomic Behind the Scenes and Autobio Comic rewards.
Be an extra on my comic!
Limited (4 of 4 remaining)
per month
You will be a background or minor character on
one page of Home Queer Home! You will also receive the Webcomic Behind the Scenes and Autobio Comic rewards. 
Request a sketch!
Limited (6 of 7 remaining)
per month
See your face - or your pet - as a cartoon character! I'll make you a cartoon portrait of a character. You'll also get access to the Webcomic Behind the Scenes and Autobio Comics rewards.

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