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About Smark to Death

What is Smark to Death?

The Smark to Death podcast is hosted by Anthony, an average wrestling fan who is very passionate about multiple promotions around the world. As a fan of professional sports as well, he wanted to create a show that treats wrestling news like sports networks treat news about the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. So, he created a show that runs down the hottest topics in wrestling over 3 rounds.

Why Smark to Death?

As mentioned, the host is passionate about wrestling and treats it seriously. Anthony see wrestlers as professional athletes capable of amazing displays of athleticism and sees wrestling as a beautiful form of storytelling. If you want premium wrestling talk, check this guy out. If you can't watch weekly episodes of all your favorite promotions, but want to know wrestling news - this podcast is for you.

Why Patreon?

Patreon is the easiest way to show your support for Smark to Death. By showing your support on Patreon, you help the show upgrade equipment, make wrestling trips where they could interview wrestlers and report on site, and maybe help the hosts get to events like WrestleMania, The Royal Rumble, Supercard of Honor, Bound For Glory, and other shows. Every donation, regardless of size, helps the show pay for advertising, audio upgrades, editing upgrades, and other costs associated with podcasting. 

My Goals

My goal will always be to create the best wrestling podcast we are capable of. We want to create interactive content that encourages wrestling fans to feel comfortable. In a world where so many people are judged harshly for their opinion, Smark to Death values all opinion regardless of what they are. Wrestling is about being entertained and it's meant to spark emotions and create discussion. Join Smark to Death as he ventures through his podcasting career.
$115 of $250 per month
Reaching $250 per month will help me cover all rewards for Patrons, hosting fees, and travel fees for Smark to Death coverage.

Once I reach this, I will start doing monthly retroactive PPV recaps LIVE for Patrons only. 
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