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  • You also get to see pages from Krampus is My Boyfriend! before they go up on the website (schedule permitting.)

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About S.M. Beiko

Hi! I'm Sam, a traditionally published author of some award-winning young adult series fantasy. I also work in the book and comic publishing fields as a prose editor, script editor, graphic designer, copywriter, project manager, typesetter, and more. Now, after 10 years in publishing, I'm taking everything I've learned and putting it towards my own projects. 

So I've started making comics! I jumped in feet-first with a free webcomic called Krampus is My Boyfriend!, a young adult fantasy/romantic comedy, set in Prairie Canada. I'm learning so much along the way, so I figured--why not pass along my insights as they happen?
By supporting me on Patreon, you help me get closer to my goal of sustainability--meaning I get to make the things I love as my entire living full time! It will also allow me to become a better artist by doing more art, and give back to the community by sharing with you all how I do it and where it takes me.

It might also help me reach my Incredibly Outrageous Goal of creating 3 new issues of Krampus is My Boyfriend! every calendar year--or, 120+ pages of new work in the comic medium. Gotta dream big!

In this Patreon, you'll have access to things like:

  • Process walkthroughs for layouts, scripts, and more
  • Never-released sketches, concept art, pencilled pages and other pre-production materials
  • How-to guides for things such as printing, promotional materials, and other best-practice-y things
  • Insights into comic editorial from the back-end
  • Tips for self-distribution, comic conventions, and other events such as lectures or workshops
  • Real-talk about money, the cost of self-publishing, and being a full-time creator to feed yourself
  • Mini-comics and special zines as they pop up
  • The opportunity to have a side character in KiMBF named after you! Shiny!
  • Special rewards like monthly pin-up cards, mailed straight to your residence or available as a digital download
  • Patreon-exclusive swag like limited edition enamel pins sent to you before they're available anywhere else
  • Discount codes for my online store, not available anywhere other than Patreon
  • More magical things as they appear!

Thank you for supporting my art! I left drawing completely behind me when I went into writing and publishing, because I never thought I could do it as a 'real job'. I wouldn't be going full steam for it now, though, were it not for the encouragement and support of the incredibly generous artists in my community. From now on--no comic gets left behind!

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If I earn $500 a month, I'll be able to increase my page and art output, and add commission slots to my Tiers! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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