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About Kyle Smeallie

Hey, I'm Kyle, I'm a cartoonist and illustrator from Maryland studying at the School of Visual Arts. I like writing comedy, designing characters, and makin' comics. I don't like writing about myself but I'll do it just for you (xoxo).

I write and draw Softies, an episodic space-fantasy comedy webcomic.

is a story about Kay, a human girl who becomes the galaxy's youngest space debris after the planet Earth up and explodes. Kay is rescued from the vacuum of s
pace by Arizona, an alien space-waste collector, and his pet Euclid. The three of them stumble through space adventures in ten-to-thirty page episodes that range from farcical to slice-of-life.

Softies is a one-man project, which means I handle every aspect of production--stuff like:

  • Worldbuilding
  • Character design
  • Environmental design
  • Writing
  • Producing finished pages, from layouts to final colors.
  • Website Design
  • "Marketing"

It's work that I love, but it's a lot of hours of work!

Your support on Patreon gives me an extra oomph of support and motivation in the short term, and in the long term can help me afford the time and tools I need to make things for you better and faster. Not to mention it helps me explain what I'm doing with my life as an artist at the Thanksgiving table.

In return for your support
, you'll get access to a Patron-only feed of behind-the-scenes stuff, looking at various parts of the comics production process. If you want a sampler, here are some publicly available posts!

Thanks for taking a look at my Patreon campaign! Have a good'un.


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