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You can join our patron-only Discord chatroom! It's a private area where I can answer questions, y'all can hang out, and we can talk books.

You'll also get access to all the bonus content I post! That means deleted chapters, rewritten scenes, dropped subplots, drawings, notes, and more!

Thanks for the support!

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You can join our patron-only Discord chatroom. You can read all the bonus content, plus you'll get every single Descentverse ebook on the day it comes out! Or maybe sooner. Pretty much as soon as the final version is formatted.

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You can join our patron-only Discord chatroom. You can read all the bonus content, every single new book I publish the day it comes out, AND I'll post my Descentverse rough drafts when I finish writing them. (My rough drafts tend to be very raw, but you'll know spoilers weeks before anyone else.)

I'll also send you a card with a handwritten note quarterly. They'll go out at the turn of each season. 

Sometimes the cards will contain charms or stickers, but sometimes it'll be paw prints from one of my mammals. (You can request which pet you want to be your penpal, but I can't make promises because it depends on my furry friends' availability and cooperation.)

This tier is super-limited because I am SO LAZY and bad at mailing things out, but I'll make the extra effort for you, my divine demigods. <3

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Hi! I'm Sara, aka New York Times Bestselling Author SM Reine. I'm best known for The Descentverse, which is an urban fantasy world spanning more than fifty books I've written in the last decade.

As much as I publish, there's always content that ends up on the cutting room floor - dramatically rewritten scenes, dropped subplots, alternate chapters.

If you help support me by becoming a patron, I'd love to share this extra content with you. I'll also include doodles, outlines, pictures of my notebooks, spoilers, and more.

At the higher tiers, you can even get copies of every ebook I publish - which means you're no longer tethered to buying from a vendor. You get the files directly from me. It will cost you a bit more than buying my books a la carte, but that little extra from you means a much bigger % for me. (I get only 35-70% from sales on the bookstores, whereas Patreon gives me 95% of your monthly contribution.) And, of course, you're getting a lot of extra content that I hope you'll find worthwhile!

Any support is huge. You're helping guarantee I can afford to keep writing full-time. It literally puts food into my cats', dogs', and feral sons' mouths. I'm a queer feminist passionate about social issues, so you'll be supporting my personal crusade to make our world a warmer, safer, more inclusive planet while also collecting ridiculous fantasy swords.

This is the whole kit and caboodle. Whether you're a Descentverse obsessive, curious about my process, or just want to help give me a stable income to support my family (THANK YOU), you're in the right place!
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Once I have a hundred patrons, I can set a monthly live chat for the group to get together. I'll answer questions and tell bad jokes.
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