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I've been working on SFM ports for several years, even though most of that time I stayed out of direct spotlight. Nearly all of this was done in collaboration with Red Menace, with us splitting our parts of porting jobs.  What personally fascinated me the most in this community, both among poster makers and animators on one side, and modelers and texture artists on another was how they managed to elevate objectively extremely outdated Source technology into something that goes way beyond its age and technical limitations, with results truly captivating and standing on their own. Even if they completely mishandled and abandoned their child, Valve deserves the respect for opening up a creative sandbox for people who'd never get into modeling, posing or animation otherwise (including yours truly). I wanted to contribute to that too, and, after long and troubled journey, our collaboration with Red Menace brought some of the most advanced, content- and feature rich Source engine ports. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price. Maintaining quality and feature set significantly increased amount of time and effort needed to produce models to the extent it became comparable to part-time job. General financial situation got tougher too

It came down to a few available choices for me: dropping quality and quantity bar, massively slowing down or ditching porting altogether. This is where you support would be extremely useful. Not only it would help offset actual costs of porting process, but also provide a great incentive to keep long term projects alive.

And I should stress one thing: this is NOT a sales pitch. There will be NO explicit or hidden paywalls when it comes to actual models, no exclusivity windows or intentional downgrades. It's crowdfunding in its most pure form - supporting the creator whose output you find worth your money. The precise sum doesn't matter that much compared to the fact that if no one finds the work worth of spending even a few dollars on, there is no real point in continuing given how much time it takes to produce.

Links to currently released models:



Now I'll try to address the most obvious questions you might have.

What are my benefits as a patron?

Our sincere gratitude. On top of that there is a reward tier for people who believe in this project enough to pledge above minimum amount. We should be honest here, it relies largely on your faith and goodwill, as you'll not get any exclusive privileges on actual modeling side. Keep that in mind to avoid any confusion.

I want early access to models. Do I need to pony up cash if I want to be a tester?

No. Testers are selected based on merit and we don't need that many of them. Of course you can still donate~

Is it for NSFW or SFW?


Who's getting the money? Both you and Red Menace or just you?

To clear any possible ambiguities here: they'll be used to fuel the common hobby, but I'll be the direct recipient. It's being done this way on mutual consent, and for variety of reasons, primary being the fact for the two years we've been working on projects together it was I who paid for games and software.

Where will the money go?

Primarily, covering operating costs: purchasing games to extract stuff from, DAZ content, software, if needed, hardware upgrades. Of course it'd be nice if some surplus is left after that.

Thanks for reading.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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