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Explore the vastness of the cosmos! Every month you will receive a custom postcard showcasing a planet and storyline featured in the world of Volume 2.

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  • Early Access to the weekly episode releases
  • Bonus podcast with Reid and Josh
  • The Digital Stash full of wallpapers for desktops & phones
  • Monthly Livestream
  • Monthly DM Notes
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Sneak Attack! is an actual play RPG podcast born in the summer of 2015. After three years of playing a traditional Dungeons and Dragons campaign in a high-fantasy setting, we are transitioning to outer space in an all-new sci-fi adventure hand crafted for this podcast. This Patreon is intended to give our listeners an in-depth look behind the scenes at the creation of the show, along with several opportunities to directly engage with the cast.

We've thought long and hard on these rewards and we hope you're as excited as we are about them! In fact, why just tell you about it when we can show you?

Monthly Bonus Podcast
This is part of the $5 and above tier. Once a month, get an inside look with Reid and Josh as they take a deeper dive into the story of the campaign, talk about the creative process of bringing Volume 2 to life, and hang out together in an hour of unedited conversation.

Monthly Postcard
We owe a lot of our early success to the incredible design work of Mike Hegberg, and we have a reward made just for his awesome art. Once a month you will receive a one of a kind postcard showcasing a unique planet or location within Volume 2, and there will even be a fictional correspondence between an NPC and his wife, detailing his journey to locate a mysterious artifact. We think this will be such a fun way to learn more about the world and the lore buried within.

Monthly DM Collaboration
Do you have a campaign that you are running and would like some help creating? Then this is the reward for you! Once a month, Reid will answer your questions via a video series to help us all become better Dungeon Masters and storytellers.
$2,185 of $4,000 per month
Weekly video releases of the episodes!
We will host weekly viewing parties of all of our episodes on Twitch. See all the weird facial expressions and candid moments that don’t often make the finished product, and watch it with members of the Sneak Attack! team!
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