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About SNL Afterparty

Welcome to the Saturday Night Live afterparty podcast.

We're a self-funded, independently produced podcast, and resource for die-hard SNL fans around the world.

Our mission is simple: create a fun, engaging and informative show that SNL fans—old and new—can turn to for news and insights about Saturday Night Live, as well as a full review of each new episode.

We provide a well-rounded discussion of the show, its history and cultural relevance, as well as highlight the stunning craft and hard work that gets the show to-air each week.

Additionally, we seek to tell the stories of SNL alumni, writers, cast and crew through exclusive one-on-one interviews.

We're building a roster of SNL experts—including journalists, writers, radio personalities and comedians—to participate in the cast.

In the end, we want to be an invaluable asset to the SNL fan community.

However, it takes a lot of time and money to produce a top-notch podcast. If our listeners are enjoying the show, we hope they will consider becoming patrons.

Listener support is what will ensure that we can continue to produce the show for future seasons.

We are so thankful to those of our listeners who've already chosen to offer their support.
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Producing a hand-crafted, independent podcast is an incredibly time consuming and expensive endeavour. Our out-of-pocket expenses for the cast are roughly $500 per month and that's not including any amount for our time.

If your support can help ensure that the cast is—at the very least—not losing money month-over-month, then we'll be able to keep it going well into the future.

This is our first critical goal: break even or bust!

If you're enjoying the show and want us to stick around for future seasons of SNL, then please consider becoming a patron.
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