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About Jane Christian (Snow)

Hey guys. Thank you for visiting. My name is Jane Christian or I go by my artist name "Snow."

What do I do excatly?

I'm a digital artist and a writer. I mainly specialize in drawing creature designs. My favorite part of what I do is bringing my creatures and characters to life. Giving them personality, and emotions. Either it be in words or drawing.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is kind of like Kickstarter or Indiegogo where you back one large project. On Patreon you can back a lot of smaller projects. You choose to 'tip' any amount you would like per chapter or art. If you're worried about going over a certain amount, don't worry. There is a cap limit where you can specify how much you would like to give per month, no matter how many chapter I post. Pateron is more for creators who seek support in a more stable way.

Why Patreon?
I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I love it. Recently I been writing stories and I have come to love that as well. There are so many things that writing can do while drawing can’t and vice versa. It evolved into a huge hobby that I really enjoy doing. I literally would love it if it was so much more than that. I spend most of my free time drawing or writing whenever I get the chance too. But over the months writing and drawing has become a lot more difficult due to part time jobs, life, and many others meaning having less time to make these projects possible.

If you enjoy my stories and artwork and would like to support me by becoming my patreon. I would be grateful. If you don’t like any of my rewards please don’t worry about it. <y artwork will always be free to read and look at. The fact that you enjoy my stories and artwork is what keeps me creating whether or not you decide to support me on patreon. Thank you so much.

You guys enjoying the story is what keeps me motivate and want to continue to tell the story. Regardless of whether or not you decide to support me on Patreon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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