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Hello fellow humans,

I'm an artist who also thinks of herself as a therapist. I make stupid and bizarre machines to help my patients cope with our daily emotions of sadness, anxiety, burn-out, as well as sensations like insecurity, vulnerability, pain and confusion. You can check out my past therapeutic inventory here.

It's a whirling world out there, so I figure that we can all use some private moments with humor and pleasure to reflect on how complex sources of pressure in our lives make us question our ability, sociability, sanity, and perhaps existence altogether to better make sense of the world that culminates these pressures. 

With your support, I hope to produce more therapeutic machines and video contents that allow indulge us to be a bit nicer to ourselves. These will include:

1) experimental videos sharing my newly developed therapeutic schemes for virtually stimulated comfort and pleasure; regularly updated
2) video essays researching and analyzing trends & phenomenons related to contemporary therapy, healthcare, self-care, and entertainment; regularly updated
3) long-term installation projects  featuring therapeutic devices for in-person interaction

While there is probably no cure to the cyclic process of self-questioning and self-affirmation, I do hope that, at the end of the day, the hearty ingredients I put into my Serious and Not-So-Serious art-making (see below) & social phenomenon research can make our uncertain process of living slightly more enjoyable. 

*aka your mid-night fever turning into a self-proclaimed therapist

My Kinda-Serious art:

My Not-So-Serious art
about Big-bOOb fetish:

*Disclaimer: I tag myself a therapist for the artistic spice and humor. I'm not certified from any medical or therapeutic training 🙃
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When I reach $100 / month, I will start a special podcast series (or transcript if preferred) featuring a fun & explorational Q&A with one patron every month. This can help better integrate y'all's interests into my production process, and sparkle some ecstatic excitement for those moments of sharing & learning together  (* sips wine *)
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