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We are a simple podcast that covers re-watch episodes and live episodes of our great show Supernatural on the CW. It's been a rollercoaster of an adventure, going through the great Kripke years through the subsequent time of other showrunners, and after 250 episodes, it's time we get some help.

Our biggest hurdle in covering the show has been sharing it with everyone who wants to hear it. That's what we hope you'll help us with. The show has been going for this long, and we want to keep producing episodes so you can listen to just about every angle the show has to offer. With your support, we will be able to help us reach out to more potential listeners, new SPN family members, and most likely, a new friend.

What do you get out of this? You'll still be getting the same podcast, that is for sure, but no matter what you donate or what you give, you'll have our undying gratitude. You'll be able to participate in listener poll for our bonus episodes, get a shout out every episode, or even a handmade card from us to you! Really, this podcast would not exist without you, and we already can't thank you enough for opening up for us these amazing opportunities to share with you.

--Samantha and Malik
Stay safe and happy hunting! <3

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