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About Soumendra Jena

Thanks for stopping by the Patreon page. My name's Soam and I run my own channel on YouTube. I love the channel and the community that's building around it. Its already been like 15 months for me on YouTube and its over 350 videos now on my channel. That's massive!
I create videos about everything what I do, dope vlogs, travel and road trip vlogs, tutorials, tech unboxing, camera and filmmaking gear reviews, etc.

I have spent a little over 1,01,500 USD in building my YouTube Studio even before I started the channel, and the reason is I only stick to "high production value".
Anything everything that I do has to be really hi-quality for my audience. 

My YouTube and Filmmaking gear is little over 100,000 USD which I have spent over the past 8 years to build what I do, what you see and it keeps on growing, as I tend to get everything whatever makes my workflow easier and happier. 

And then I travel and do exotic road trips all around the world creating dope juicy vlogs, which again costs a lot.

It's creepy to ask people for money, but sometimes it's gotta be done to move forward. The Patreon group will also help build community so we can get to know each other better. I plan on having patron giveaways of stuff, meetups, exclusive live streams, exclusive content. I'm sure I'll think of more.
Come on over and if you have a little to give, I'd love to have you in the SJ Community.
I make videos every month taking a deeper dive into my work & life.

So, basically, I'm into everything that involves tech and creativity. So, if you are someone who keeps interest on any of those and wants a life coach who has successfully built a massive empire of 5 companies and successfully running all the brands, this is for you. You get to learn from me, I teach you, you get your questions to me, you get to see me doing things and all the behind the scenes.

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