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About Soan Valentine

Hey! If you want support me, you in right place! 

What I do? I do paintings and fanarts! I focus on videogames fanarts (Megaten, FF, Pokemon, Zelda, The dragon prince, etc it's all mine!) and err kinda dark arts like this skeleton guy on header :D 
I work in digital and traditional styles (yeaaah oil :D)
In future...
  1. I want to make something like visual novel (inspired by Silent Hill!) 
  2. Artbook with my works (or maybe a comic book, if I can make a story in my head normally, it take time) 
It takes me time, which I don't have, BUT with help from you, my friend, I’ll be able to take more time working on my personal work! Hope we will understand each other, and will be friends!:D

Thank you for your interest in me and my work!

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