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is creating software for the furry community

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Hi, I'm Soatok, a blue dhole furry who writes and breaks software and concocts original puns.

Patreon-Supported Open Source Software Projects

These projects are developed live on my channel:

  • Fursona Sticker Switcher: A desktop program designed to eliminate barriers to entry for furry streamers. The FSS allows you to do live streams in the same style as the character stills videos popularized by furry YouTubers like BetaEtaDelota.
  • FAQ Off: Online gamebook-styled FAQ builder, intended to invert the asymmetry of social media and counteract mob harassment on e.g. Twitter.
  • Canis: Package management for independent game developers.
  • Dhole Cryptography: Easy-to-use and difficult-to-misuse cryptography library for PHP and Node.js software. Wraps libsodium.
  • Plenty more! Patrons get a first look at any new projects I take on, and above a certain tier, exclusive early beta access to new projects.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, feel free to join my Discord server. Patreon supporters and Twitch subscribers get access to exclusive channels.

I also stream my participation in infosec CTF competitions, typically during weekends.

Where to Find Soatok Online

  I stream on Twitch as Soatok.
  I tweet as @SoatokDhole.
  I code on GitHub as Soatok.
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When I reach 100 patrons, I will do at least one educational Twitch stream per month with a focus on programming, infosec, and/or mathematics.
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