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You earn my deepest thanks, both here and your name will be listed on the Thanks page of the main project website along with a surreal and bizarre nickname of some sort.
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Get access to early drafts of my comics and zines before they're quite ready for prime time.

Also, get access to my digital avatar pack, so you can change your display picture on Twitter to SSJ2 Super Saiyan Karl Marx or something. I don't know.

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All the previous rewards. 

Also, once a new mini-comic or zine is complete get a personalized first printing delivered right to your door with your name optionally printed in the back




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About The Spectre of Communism

Hail and well met, comrades, I'm Emperor Joey, a cartoonist, beauty contest champion, revolutionary socialist and evil wizard haunted by the ghost of Emperor Norton. I need your help to create Socialism is Good, Actually, my educational comic series about socialism.

SIGA is meant to transform socialist ideology into a digestible format that normal people can consume.Print ready files will be available for comrades to roll their own copies of SIGA with the eventual goal of turning me into the Jack Chick of communism.
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At this point I'll be able to make SIGA my main project and step back from some of my other commitments. That means more content faster. And since I'll be able to dedicate more time to it, I can take my time and polish the pages a little more than I can right now.
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