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About Social Media Analysis

Hi, I'm Nathan. Thanks for following the link to my Patreon page. If we haven't met, I'm the guy behind Social Media Analysis (SMA), the industry's only dedicated news site. If you ever wondered about the "team," here I am.

I've been watching the business and technology of working with social media data since 2006, and it's always been an interesting and active market (and are you watching the headlines lately!?). I started out writing buyer's guides and continue to offer strategy consulting through my company, Social Target

SMA is a place to collect information that I want, as well as something I do for visibility, but it needs to start paying its own way. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, PR feeds and mailing lists from everyone I can find who has anything to do with social media analysis. I follow vendors, consultants, academics, associations and outside specialists, and—of course—I use some tools to catch industry news wherever it appears. It's a lot of work.

If you are getting real value from what I post to SMA—if you want me to keep going—please consider supporting my effort with your subscription here. I've suggested some support levels on the right, but your contribution at any level will help me justify the ongoing effort to maintain the site. If enough people sign on, I can do some needed updates to the site, too.

Please note that this works as a monthly payment, not a one-time thing. I don't want you to be surprised.

Update: I've added a Sponsor level to replace the ads that used to be on the site. At the $100 level, you get visibility on all forms of SMA. The $200 level upgrades your placements to a banner ad.

You're still reading? I didn't think people still did that. Thanks for sticking with me. You must care about what I'm doing with the site, or you would have moved on already. Please consider supporting the site, and I'll do my best to make it worth your support.

Thank you.

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