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The Pre-Wash
A deluxe package that comes with a shout out on our website, a sick lookin' white Sock Puppet Parody guitar pick for signing up, and sneak peek pictures of behind the scenes for each release!

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The Washpit

You can be the proud owner of all of our music.

This includes all songs yet to come -- so that number is growing! This is a major discount, and we're doing it because we love you. 

Includes all rewards from previous tiers
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The Extended Wash
Enjoy the long version of the video that includes the edit to the entire song.  

We usually we cut the video short because of budget constraints. NOT ANYMORE. Sock puns, ALL DAY.   

Includes all rewards from previous tiers




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About Sock Puppet Parody

Okay, we need cold hard laundry money to fund our next season! That's why we're kicking off a Patreon!

Be a part of the crew, socks! YES WE MEAN YOU.

If you've always wanted a way to show your appreciation for the content we make, LOOK NO FURTHER! Giving us some laundry money is a great way to say thanks! Any pledge will help take our videos to the next level. Get some exclusive gifts along the way!
$40 of $1,000 per creation
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