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I will make social media promotion on one of social media platforms of your choice (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Video or SoundCloud) till you receive from my promotion 4000 views or plays per month.

It includes all previous tier rewards too!

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I will make social media promotion on one of social media platforms of your choice (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+ or SoundCloud) till you receive from my promotion 100 likes or reshares per month.

It includes all previous tier rewards too!




Hey, Everyone! Welcome to my Patreon SOCMEDCLUB!


Firstly, the cold and bitter truth about Social Media Marketing is that it is one of the difficult jobs on Earth. If people tell you it is not difficult, "they are bullshitting you." It gets difficult every day above all.

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+ has a billion+ users. There is so much content circulating; it is extremely hard to get noticed. In the earlier days, people were hungry for new content, so it was quite easy to grow and promote new things. Now you have to fight to get noticed. In the earlier days, all social media platforms have less strict rules and that open space for more promotional solutions. Today you can literally "just pay their high costly ads" to promote yourself, and that's all.

  → That is the problem that I can partially solve! 

This is the reason I started SocMedClub on Patreon.

I am a senior programmer and server administrator since the year 1994. Publicly recognized, my actual daily work is for NoDowntime Domains USA and UK based server company. We are using a reverse proxy technology in a way to create a highly available, fault-tolerant and more secure web environment. This technology allows us to eliminate downtime.

During my years of work as server administrator, I had access to over 10,000+ blogs, websites, apps and social network users within NoDowntime Domains datacenters network.

This makes it possible for me to display your social media accounts, video, music or articles about your service to the larger audience. I am capable of doing this kind of deals.

Essentially, this is how it works I take your social media accounts, video, music or articles about your service and push it out through that powerful network.

You know me, and I know how it works.

All my basic social media promotion service is FREE. How do I start making money as a social media promoter on Patreon?

Because I've been sharing my social media promotion work for FREE, I was able to gather the following. You as club members!

I have you as Patreon subscribers. That's the plan.

I believe it’s not so hard to get new Patreon members as supporters, in this case, because you get real value back every month!

The main SocMedClub mission is to get a like-minded community together, people who have a long-term interest in getting social media promotion in an elegant, low-cost and more easy way.

I publish here latest updates and a full list of social media promotional activities that I can do for SOCMEDCLUB supporters.

  1. INSTAGRAM: Followers, Likes, Views, Comments
  2. FACEBOOK: FanPage Likes, Post/Photo Likes, Widget Likes, Profile Friends/Subscribers, Reshares, Video Views
  3. YOUTUBE: Views, Likes, Dislikes, Reshares, Favorites, Subscribers, Comments
  4. TWITTER: Followers, Retweets, Likes, Tweets with your text, Tweet button
  5. G+: Followers, Ones on Google+ Posts, Shares
  6. SOUNDCLOUD: Followers, Plays, Downloads, Likes, Reshares
  7. ADWORDS: Article with your text promotion through AdWords ads

Note: KEEP TRACK, VIEWS AND PLAYS, LIKES AND RESHARES, SUBSCRIBERS AND FOLLOWERS reward levels, I have explained what to get as REWARD in their detailed reward sections. PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER reward level only has access to ALL the above listed social media promotional activities (based on their actual availability).

All subscription levels are billed monthly.

Base on your support level you can get one of five possible supporter levels: KEEP TRACK, VIEWS AND PLAYS, LIKES AND RESHARES, SUBSCRIBERS AND FOLLOWERS and PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER.

Generally, we can share rewards in two main groups:
1) KEEP TRACK, VIEWS AND PLAYS, LIKES AND RESHARES, SUBSCRIBERS AND FOLLOWERS I can name as AUTOPILOT SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION. These reward levels are great for normal people who wish to keep their social media content "fresh and lively" without fighting every day for new views, reshares, followers, etc.

2) PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER I can name a SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION for professionals. By "professionals" I mean people who have more social media accounts and expect 10.000, 100.000 or over 1.000.000 views, plays, subscribers, followers, likes, and shares.

Certainly, PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER includes all previous tier rewards.

Take care; PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER is a reward to get ONE MONTH ACCESS to larger social media promotion. Cost of these promotions is not included in $50 per month subscription cost. Every PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER has ONE-ON-ONE communication with me, and in this way, I understand your specific promotional needs. Based on your needs and availability of larger promotional deals, you can make larger social media promotional deals by "in-house" low-cost prices.

PRO SOCMEDCLUB MEMBER level gives you access to a pool of larger social media promotion deals at discount prices.

Evaluate yourself, know the rewards group you belong to and stick to rewards that are best for you.

For more details, just check the detailed rewards section, support levels are created logically and easy to understand.


You can get from me social media promotion and your social media content can be "fresh and live" without fighting every day for new views, reshares, followers, etc.

To be fully clear, let’s show few examples:
Scenario 1) You publish new YouTube or Facebook video. Who loves to see a poor number of views and likes on a newly published content? Probably nobody. Just get initial guaranteed views, and another social activity on your video from SOCMEDCLUB is a huge help for your YouTube/Facebook account.

Scenario 2) You have an Instagram account. Get followers, likes, views, and comments on AUTOPILOT from SOCMEDCLUB indirectly benefits the growth of your Instagram channel without any doubt.

Scenario 3) You are a musician and have a song on SoundCloud. Getting SoundCloud plays can later feature your song prominently on the front pages of both Beatport and Traxsource. These are highly appreciated the source of promotion for a digital music label. If you have a lot of plays, you can also be reviewed and given notice by multiple websites and publication that focus on music. All these indirect benefits are clear steps to success, and SOCMEDCLUB can help you on that path.

Scenario 4) You have a YouTube channel, but you are not planning to be "top YouTube person of the year." You don't plan to publish everyday super high-quality videos too. But you still have your videos there. You don't want everyone to see that the last time your video was played was 9 months ago and similar. Its very cool to see the regular activity of views, likes, and subscribers happen and grow every month during the time. Just $10 monthly can buy you guaranteed "activity" at your YouTube channel for sure. And if any sale happens only the better for you.

I "just" have access to 10,000+ blogs, websites, apps and social network users within NoDowntime Domains datacenters network. I don't know these people personally. I take your social media accounts, video, music or articles about your service and push it out through that network to do social media promotion for you.

Certainly, SOCMEDCLUB can generate some sale too, but I don't want to think about that path and promise any sale because I can't control that at all.

As a result of this SOCMEDCLUB do not promise any sales to anyone. Don't imagine too much, be real. Every sale you earn only happen by your hard work.

SOCMEDCLUB just give you better "chance" to make sales in latter steps of your business project(s).

SOCMEDCLUB focuses on quality and works with real people, not quantity. Your content is displayed within real social networks, blogs, websites, news, and mobile apps.

SOCMEDCLUB don't need to be your only promotional way too. However, social media promotion is hard. Having the place where you can make this job easier for you is a great asset.

Staying in one "club" or community of like-minded real people is absolutely a long-term advantage for you in order to fight hard to promote your content on the Internet.

SOCMEDCLUB is the pretty unique approach to solving social media promotion and provide exclusive content through Patreon platform.

Just gain popularity and monitor real-time results through Patreon.

We get together in the SOCMEDCLUB, and we are stronger!


Patreon is an ideal platform that provides business tools for creators to run a content service, and provides exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons."

Sign up to SOCMEDCLUB and be seen on the Internet.


0% complete

If the Patreon campaign hits this level of $10,000 per month, it means after paying my business expense, taxes, and Patreon fees, I'm now making enough from this campaign to go on to the next higher level with SocMedClub community.

This network that I use in making social media promotion for you is just from large web hosting company data center where I work as a server administrator. Sure, this is a great promotional asset, I can use it, but I don’t have any influence on the content of these 10,000+ blogs, websites, apps and social network users within NoDowntime Domains data-centers network.

If I start with own 1,000 domains in my PBN, I will be the owner of all these 1,000 domains! And then I can control the content of these websites and blogs, more comfortable thematically target views, give you offer for permanent backlinks on these domains and set of other small and important details and benefits that will help you succeed in a modern war with social media promotion and search engine ranking too!

Private Blog Network with 1,000 domains will make it achievable for you both social media promotion (with more quality than usual targeting) and backlinks building for higher search engine ranking!

Who loves a fight with search engine rankings?
You must fight for every backlink today, for every guest post. Everybody wants to bill you for any action, every guest post cost, every backlink cost today… “Freeway” is radically limited and non-existent. And on the real market, those who offer SEO services have just spammy and poor backlink promotional techniques (we understand that too, as you can see the real cost of serious PBN project above!). You can’t avoid that, whoever avoids it he/she starts to go on spammy and poor quality side; that's the fact).

Imagine that your website or any project you do can immediately have access to 1,000 quality domains that give you 1,000 high-quality backlinks on AUTOPILOT instantly!

Sure, you still must work on the promotion of your project, on sales and lots of others in your business project background, but you can have great KICK on the Internet whenever you do!

When 1,000 independent domains publish articles about you and give you a quality backlink for your project(s), how “refreshing” is this for you?

Let's quickly show you 1,000 domains PBN monthly maintenance cost overview:

1. Buying/renewal 1,000 domains = $10,000 per year (one domain generally costs $10 per year): $833 per month

2. Server costs: 1,000 domains = $4,000 per month (I count $4 per month web hosting fees for one domain name; I can usually get lower cost dedicated server deals, but I can't apply so easy this there. Why? Who wants to have 1000 domains on just two dedicated servers? And all the 1,000 domains have just 2 same unique IPs! I want to work on the quality way and spread domains on multiple servers with different IPs. I know that I can have maximum 10 domains on the same IP as a reasonable quality spread. Because this is difficult, it is super low with web hosting cost even for me who is a senior server administrator with access to larger data centers.)

3. Web design and maintenance of 1000 domains: $2,000 per month (I can't do that number of job alone with my usual duties here. I must add experienced computer developer for full-time online job to work on content maintenance and development)

You have the picture, 1000 domains Private Blog Network cost $7,000 per month, just for pure base costs!

Quality PBN cost a lot, but can be PRICELESS for sure for our SocMedClub community!

Do you now understand my vision clearly?

It's time to get backlinks that make a difference!

SocMedClub can be placed for next-level of quality SEO and link building strategies.

Then spread the word to your closest friends and your inner circle of trusted associates.

If you as patrons spread the word, it will make a huge difference to boost the SocMedClub project.

We together can make it all happen!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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