Socratica Studios is creating YOUTUBE VIDEOS

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The Ad Exemption
We know you'd like to use AdBlock. With your pledge, you should feel no guilt about watching our videos ad-free.  In addition, you'll get access to our Patreon ...

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The Backstage Pass
We'll give you early access to our "behind the scenes" videos that appear on Socratica Backstage.
+ all of the above (Ad Exemption and Patreon Stream)

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The Patron
We will give you EXCLUSIVE access to an unlisted video of our monthly planning meeting. Hear what's coming next on Socratica! 
+ all of th...

$20 /mo
We'll list you as our Patron in the description of one of the videos released during the month.
+ all of the above (Ad Exemption, Patreon Stream, Backstage Pass, and Patron)