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About Soda and Telepaths

My name is Anthony. I’m the Owner, Writer and Editor over at Soda and Telepaths.

At the beginning of 2018 I created a Blog with the intentions to write reviews on Comic books (during my off hours). At the start I was going to limit myself to content which only came from the decade of the 90s. However, I was soon approached by a few comic book studios to cover their releases. This snowballed into regular reviews that I was regularly typing up for indie comic book studios from all over the world. Realising that I couldn’t hope to put out as much content as I want during my off hours I put out a call to any writers who wanted to contribute.

Soda and Telepaths has since evolved into a fully fledged entertainment website that has retained its focus - to report on Comics and Culture. With a contributing team of 10+ reviewers including 2 assistant editors besides myself and a Podcast with new episodes that come out every 2nd week.

While this itself is an accomplishment. This has still all been on a volunteer basis.
So, I’ve started this patreon to reward the regular readers/listeners of Soda and Telepaths and everything we do. Ideally, dropping back my day job to part time work to concentrate the majority of my time on Soda and Telepaths would be a dream.
But worst case scenario I would use the funds raised to provide additional opportunities to my contributing writing team.

I’ve put together some (what I consider to be) tasty reward perks for our patrons. Ranging from early access to content right through to additional “patron only” podcast episodes. Here’s to you and here’s hoping you can join me on the Soda and Telepaths journey.

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