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I've been out of work since earning my Associate's degree in the summer of 2018, and have been working on Project Altirus to keep myself busy. However, I've found it to be some of the most gratifying work I've done in a very long time, and I'd like to keep doing so for as long as I can. By donating here, you can help make sure that Project Altirus remains a full-time focus for the near future, rather than some little side-project I do in what spare time I can scrape out between shifts at work. Anything helps, and everything is appreciated!
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Maybe your name won't be immortalized in the annals of history. Maybe you won't be getting lots of flashy medals, or statues erected in your honor, or any royal titles for your service and dedication. But your family, your friends, the people with whom you grew up, all know the sacrifices you made for their sake. Those weathered, mud-caked boots you wore home, that tattered photo you took with your platoon, that bullet they pulled out of your leg, will stand as a simple, yet telling monument to your deeds for decades to come, immortalized in some cozy corner of the house you grew up in. Maybe history won't remember you, but the people who matter most certainly will.
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Your exceptional service and uncommon commitment have not gone without notice. Testimony of your deeds and devotion spread through the ranks quickly. A part of your uniform has become a veritable patchwork of medals and ribbons. You've shaken hands and made conversation with even the most elusive figures of your chain of command. You got to play yourself in a film after you got home, just a simple picture about your exploits to uplift peoples' spirits. After the war ended, you shared words with a (former) enemy commander over a banquet, and even he knew your name. Even now, as those dark days of fighting fade into memory, your name, enshrined in stories told even decades later, comes to peoples' minds as a pinprick of light.

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Due to other, more pressing commitments, Project Altirus has been discontinued. If there are any future content updates, they will not be consistent. Thanks for sticking with me this long.
 - Sofa

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Project Altirus is a Ravenfield mod project focused on a fictional setting, primarily centered around the continent of Altirus in this secondary world not unlike our own.

The technologies, peoples, and geography of this world are all fictional, but are intended to be grounded, and ideally would not look out of place in the real-world 20th century - specifically, at this point, the mid-late interwar period. Unlike the real world at the time, which was in the throes of economic depression, this one is experiencing somewhat of an economic golden age, thanks to a recent boom in aviation industries and technologies. Modern infrastructure on the continent of Altirus has brought new economic opportunities, and new ways of thinking, many of which challenge those which have dominated the continent for millennia. As different ideologies take root across the continent, and the old empires brace themselves to defend their age-old holdings, the people of the Westenlands - a region in the center of the continent, populated by small nations and ever-shifting borders - has become the stage for an era of armed conflict. With these once-marginalized nations now able to become powers in their own right, their leaders, and their people, must all choose a side.

Project Altirus is an undertaking to create battles from this fictional setting within Ravenfield, featuring a variety of custom weapons, vehicles, character skins, and maps. My hope is to expand upon the current subproject - The Second Leersog War - as well as to branch out into new subprojects, focusing on different conflicts, such as those waged at sea, and in different time periods, with their own appropriate weaponry and maps.