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I make youtube videos for soft people and those wishing to make a softer, safer, and less exploitative world. (Don't worry, you can still have them rock hard abs, tho.)

As an anarcho-communist, I'm full of lame ideas like equality, human dignity, anti-exploitation, and all kinds of other SJW bullpoop.

This dood is a communist and wants my money??

So now I ask for money, as a communist. Well, this is awkward...

These videos take a lot of time to create, and in the world as it is, time is Eddie Money. As a teacher, I've had to scale back my teaching hours due to disability, which is one reason why I decided to start talking about these things in the first place. Your contributions allow me to continue making content in a system that only cares about people to the extent they can be exploited. You’ll also allow me to enjoy extravagant luxuries such as a home and food for my dog and I.

This is Oma. Oma loves food, and you.
('though she told me personally she's not a big fan of Jeff Bezos.)

Are you guilting me into giving my cash with pet pics?

I mean, is it working?

I truly want everyone to know that I cherish the support of everyone in the community, whether you can help monetarily or not. I know you have the majority of your labor value stolen from you by your boss, and you may not be able to donate much, or not at all. Any contributions are taken with humble gratitude.

I didn't start the channel to become rich (hint: you won't ever get rich making leftist youtube content. Go make unboxing videos or something instead). I started the channel because it hurt more to sit around watching everything crumble than to do what I can to push for a more equal world.

Do I even get anything out of this?

Oh, now you want something in return? The audacity!!

Since I'm not exactly the biggest fan of hierarchies and pay-to-play situations, this part gets a little tricky for me. 

There are donation tiers, but pay whatever you can afford. Every dollar supports the channel. The different tiers come with extra ways for me to say thanks, but just because you can't afford more, doesn't make you any less valuable to me, and to Oma.
$163.64 of $400 per month
With $400/mo, I would almost make up for the reduced teaching hours I've taken to make this content. This is the base line I would need to ensure I'm not forced to go back to my day-job full-time, which would mean a drastic drop in the amount of videos I can produce. 

If I can reach this goal, I'm planning to make a wholesome call-in talk show, interviewing leftist thinkers and content-creators around the world, with gags, quizzes, and all kinds of hullabaloo!
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