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By donating at this level, you will receive our first two Patreon-only shows, Feathers In My Hair & The Smush Room, plus Mother, May I Sleep with Podcast? and Don't Be Ugly AD-FREE. You'll get an ad-free version of Plz Advise when it returns from hiatus, too!

You also get access to the archive of full episodes of:
  • Feathers in My Hair
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  • The Smush Room
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  • Realizing Stuff
    (episodes 1-86)
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By donating at this level, you'll also get access to our Patreon-exclusives - 12 Months of Christmas, Quarantinis, and Spelling, T, archived episodes of our flagship show EBP, the archived limited-run series On The Plus Side, plus ALL bonus episodes/content from our creators!

12 Months of Christmas is hosted by friends of the pod Joe and David! Each month, they dive into a Hallmark/generally terrible (or low-key brilliant, tbh) Christmas flick, and may even cover some mainstream faves for your enjoyment. New episodes available on the last Saturday of the month!

Quarantinis is a limited-run podcast featuring Molls and Nicole, who are here to help you through the world’s current hellscape! They will try really hard to not talk about the Coronavirus, but they might bring it up every now and again. Neither of them have the virus, they’re just on lock-down (either self-imposed or enforced by the workplace). Episodes published damn near daily during the work week, for as long as Nicole is banished from entering her company's building or when they run out of toilet paper... whichever happens first!

Spelling, T is the only podcast about the one and only Tori Spelling. Princess takes the deepest of dives into Tori's past, her present, and her future. She'll walk you through the highs, lows, and everything else in between as we explore the world through Tori-colored glasses together. Even though this show's run is complete, you can still enjoy all 60 episodes of this special series when you donate to this level!


Solid Listen was born from the desire to bring new voices to the podcasting space. Our hosts are spread across the United States, have different economic and religious backgrounds and ethnicities but they have one thing in common: an expertise on topics that only their life experience, dedication to the subject matter and insatiable curiosity could produce.


Have you ever been apart of helping to build a small business before? Well, guess what? By supporting our network, it's almost as if you're an 'angel investor.' Might as well pop that on your resume, babe, because you're making it happen with each donation you make at ANY level.

Every single dollar you donate goes right back into producing all of our shows, so you truly will be helping us make this network exist! By supporting our network, you'll get access to AD-FREE content, too!


  • MON-FRI: Quarantinis (A limited-run series with Molly & Nicole, published frequently (3-4x) during the week)
  • SUNDAY: Mother, May I Sleep with Podcast?* & Feathers in My Hair*
  • MONDAY: Don't Be Ugly*
  • TUESDAY: Emotionally Broken Psychos (enjoy a specially curated list of our now archived flagship show, exclusively here on Patreon!)
  • First Wednesday of the Month: On the Plus Side (the archived limited-run series is now only available for our Patrons!)
  • FRIDAY: The Smush Room*
  • Last Saturday of the Month: 12 Months of Christmas (only available here on Patreon!)

Bonus episodes from all of our hosts, the backlog of our original show Spelling, T, past episodes of EBP, episode 1-86 of Realizing Stuff, and more shows coming in 2020!

* - episodes available right here AD-FREE, exclusively for our Patrons!


Want a personalized shout-out from MollsLiz, or Troy? Head over to their Cameo pages and request yours today! 

(A friendly addendum: We reserve the right to add or change rewards so that this system is mutually beneficial. We'll let you know in advance if we do. And of course, we won't charge you infinitely - you can cancel at any time.


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