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About Sollyz Haruz

Greeting again, my name is Sollyz. This is another patreon in here is NOT have Furry Male this place is general female. 
(furry / kemono is have little) but adult! (nsfw)

if you want Furry , Male or kemono please go here :

i like League of Legends , Monster Hunter , Elsword and more anime & games. 
mostly in here is have CG league of legends , sollyz&haruz  and more.

The reason I do Patreon: In my country, Drawing isn't a popular job because it consider as low income job. So I will show everone that my drawing also make a good money as well as pleased the customer well.
my old all work is free! ,I hope everyone will enjoy my new work.

Please do not repost the products on other sites. Thank you.

You can following my recent gallery at 

(most gallery have furry , male , female )

Discord for Contact!


This is my first game Furry female hentai flashgame is Free! click logo to play! (NFSW)


Buy Previous Reward High-res + No LOGO Here!

the Gumroad is the website for selling my drawing directly, all of my previous reward for patreon are all in there.
for anyone is unable to do the payment to the patreon, the reward will be sell on the Gumroad later on.

Thankyou for all the supports!
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