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About Somasis

hi, I'm kylie mcclain! you might know me from my presence on twitter, my album spirit / songs for lovers, or perhaps from a few compilation albums I've been on- Gak Attack Records, Pinkamena Party; maybe you just follow my music in general, maybe you just remember me from the pony community. I'm a music artist who creates ambient-y, dreampoppy, plunderphonical breakbeat music, about identity, love, and introspection. sometimes...? that's the quickest way to describe my music that I've found, at least! or maybe it's just pop...

this patreon is an experiment to make music more sustainable of an activity for me; being able to depend more on the support of people that listen to my music is an amazing idea. but these are big dreams: think of it as more of a tip jar you can use to say "thanks" for what I do. :)

patreon is still a very new thing for me, so the goals of it and the things patrons get out of it is stillin flux, but here's what my plan is right now:

  • sharing of work in progress music. I tend to come up with something new just about every week or so, and some songs can go through innumerable iterations before I finish and release them. I've had songs that have survived three data losses, songs that've been recreated, and some I just never can decide what I want for them. patreon works well for sharing these with people, as I don't really want to share these works publicly on mediums such as soundcloud or twitter or youtube... but when I think something is worth hearing, it needs to be heard.
  • stems from songs. I make music with the intent that art should be freely modified, free to deviate and build upon. providing the source for music so that others can build upon them, strip them down, and generally do whatever, is a really fun idea that I'd like to explore. however, I'm usually pretty unorganized with my music, and that likely will never change, so stem creation is something I'll offer to you in return for your patronage!
  • access to released music. I'll be making all of my music available to patrons for free, via Bandcamp download codes or just uploading them to here for download. not all at once, but as things are released and soon the rest of my discography over time.
  • special releases. sometime I know listeners might want to hear something, but I don't really want to give it a wide release for some reason or another; this might be things like live sets, bootlegs remixes, and so on. but, releasing them to something special like patrons sounds cool to me. :)
whatever you pledge, it's worth the world to me and your support is greatly appreciated. thanks for reading!

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