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John Bonini

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The SGC Membership
$10 per month
For 10 bucks, you'll unlock the complete SGC archive of 100+ posts on planning, strategy, writing, optimization, expert interviews, and more. You'll also have access to all new content going forward.

"This is fantastic. Instant ROI––well done."
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Dave Gerhardt
CMO at Privy

“You’re helping people get raises this year, you know that right? Best investment in my marketing budget for training and education, ever.”
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Katherine McCleery
Head of Marketing at Una

“No fluff. Perfect for anyone looking to step up their content marketing.”
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Ash Read
Editorial Director at Buffer

"My go-to resource for anything content marketing related." 
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Sara Pion
Brand Content Manager at Alyce

“I’ve bought courses in the $300-500 range that don’t deliver as much value as this $10 subscription."
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C.J. Haughey

"SGC is the fastest way to learn professional-grade content strategy."
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Ryan Law
Director of Marketing at Animalz

Here's everything included:
  • Good Content Plays: Deep dives into the specific plays working for the most successful content-driven brands out there. (Think Ahrefs, Canva, HubSpot NerdWallet, etc.) No fluff. Think of it as a swipe file for leveling up your own content. 
  • Processes/Frameworks: I share the most effective personal processes I’ve built and shared with my teams over the years. Ones designed to help you write better, get found, convert more effectively, manage writers, editorial––I share it all. I record screenshares, share detailed write-ups of exactly what’s worked, etc., so you walk away with actionable takeaways every time.
  • Writing Tutorials: Headlines. Introductions. Emails. Website copy. Landing pages. Podcast openers, etc.––I share detailed training for writing better content/copy.
  • Interviews: I’m recording interviews with the biggest content marketers in the game. We’re going to get super tactical with folks from Buffer, G2, HubSpot, Help Scout, etc., to learn the processes and tactics that drive their continued growth through content. 
  • Direct Messaging and feedback: The blog post you’re about to publish? That email you’re about to send? The landing page you’ve been drafting copy for? That headline you’ve re-written 15 times? Share it with me and I’ll provide feedback and, with your permission, share it with the group so everyone can learn from each other. 
  • No risk, no commitment: It’s $10. I mean, that’s like, what, the equivalent of buying 2ish coffees a month. And, my aim is to deliver more value than you’d get from a course or event you’d typically pay 10-20x that for. That’s my goal. Plus, you can cancel at any time. 
  • Live chat
  • Exclusive content
The SGC Team Membership
$35 per month
For 35 bucks, Some Good Content 'Team' members get:
  • Everything included in the SGC subscription, plus...
  • Strategy Review: Now that your team is on board,it's easier for me to provide teamwide feedback via direct message for everyone on your team to see. Share your team's content strategy, plan, and goals directly with me and receive direct feedback on your plan.
  • Make sure to use a shared email address to start your 'SGC Team' subscription, i.e. "[email protected]"
  • Live chat
  • Exclusive content