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About Circa

Hey everybody, how's it going?

My name is Circa, and I am a digital marketer, entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist manager, social media specialist, rapper, producer, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and Vice President of Studio 18 in Orlando, FL.

Over the past three years, my life has become a bit of a spectacle. I get to work every day making music and content with a big family of talented musicians, creators, and entrepreneurs; building success and achieving dreams...

But, I have felt the absence of you - my friends, my family, and those out there who choose to support me regardless of how crazy I may seem.

I started this page to get closer, to bring you in - to have you here with me for every studio session, every 3 AM song idea, every marketing campaign, every deep conversation about the nature of reality, every new business, every eureka moment, every heavy, crushing failure and every rousing, cheering success...

I want to stop living in my own little world... I want you to come with me on my journey!

So here is what I am proposing...

I will devote myself to creating, to documenting, to enriching, to learning, to experiencing - and I will let you in on every proud win and every embarrassing detail - no holds barred...

To start, I will be releasing a weekly podcast with special musical guests from around the world. I will be uploading cover videos and original performances as often as possible and live streaming sets of all my gigs around town. I will also be making tons of music available for download for all of my patrons and blogging in-depth about my multiple music businesses as many times per week as fate will allow.

Pay what you can, knowing that every dollar that comes into this channel will fund more content, more crazy ventures, and more amazing music - but more importantly, it will provide proof...

Proof that when you break down the walls, remove the barriers, and connect directly with the world, something truly amazing can happen...

So sign up, drop a tip in the bucket, and join this wild ride we are creating every day! I hope to see you all on the page and I thank you dearly for your support.

- Circa
$0 of $500 per month
When we reach our goal of $500 per month, I will be purchasing a new interface, microphone, and guitar so that I can create more content from home more frequently with more musical guests and interesting conversations

Channel updates:
  1. Multiple original songs per week
  2. Multiple covers per week
  3. 1-hour+ podcast per week

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